Frozen foods are delivered
to our warehouses by the suppliers.
We deliver foods to retail chains and independent retailers all over Russia

About us:

Holding NPO "Alternativa" was established in 1992 and now includes both production and trade companies. Developing from year to year, in 2002 "Alternativa-Food" company was established as a part of the holding. Main business of «Khladokombinat «Vostochniy» became frozen foods distribution.

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+7 (495) 720-51-30

Why you shold work with us:

  • Wide range of assortment:

    We regulary update our assortment range to meet any demand on the market.

  • The entire range is in stock

    This means that we have all of the products always in stock, and we are always ready to deliver them to you.

  • We execute orders in time

    In addition to this, we have one of the best order fullfillment percentage on the market.

You should definitely work with us if you are:

  • Retailer

    We are ready to meet any demand!

    We are able to give more than you can wish! «Khladokombinat «Vostochniy» offers a wide range of products of Russian and foreign manufacturers. You will find here everything you're looking for!

  • Manufacturer

    1. Our work is focused on the customer.Satisfied customers - the basis of business prosperity.

    2. Our actions are based on knowledge and experience.Everyone has its own opinion. But knowledge - a prerequisite for understanding the world in which we live, and customers with whom we do business. The source of our knowledge - data, constant learning, vast experience of mistakes and successes.

We are looking for partners in Russia and abroad

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